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OW New Upgraded LED Eyelash Extension Light

On June 17th, we updated the latest version of the upgraded eyelash lamp online

It's a big change from the previous version, which will delight many customers who are not good at installation. And we will explain some problems to make everyone wary of some "imitations" in the market.



Our brand maintains a low-profit margin of 10% to provide customers with the most cost-effective products. You can say our prices are low, but our quality is not low at all. We integrate and optimize the supply chain of our products to ensure that consumers can get exciting prices, if you are a merchant, you can easily understand this

$300+ for the same lash light as ours on Amazon (I'm talking about the same product, there are many copycats)

lash light

And our lash light is only $179!                    what are you waiting for? click to see


How to tell the difference between the upgraded version and the basic version🤦‍♀️

The biggest difference is that the basic version is controlled by remote control, which requires you to assemble the light fixture and use the remote control Wifi to connect the light fixture to control the light switch. But you can imagine that you have to look at the remote control to operate when we do eyelash classes or work, which is too troublesome.

So the upgraded version can adjust the brightness of the light by twisting the button on the light, which is very easy

This is their biggest difference.

Secondly, imitators will use thin and light materials for light poles, handles, etc. The important thing is that their bases are small, which is dangerous. You can imagine what would happen if the base could not support its weight😂

Finally, our upgraded light reinforces the light-to-pole connection for stability.


Compared to some other brands of lights, our packaging is in a 5-layer thickened cardboard box and wrapped with tape all around, unless the courier kicks you, you don't have to worry that it will arrive safely


When you're done reading this, why not consider getting one for your lash studio?


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