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Beamlight Uv Lash Glue 5ml

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UV lash glue – exclusively for lash extensions with UV lamp

– This lash glue only works with our UV lash Lamp!

– safe & tested

– Easy removal with normal remover

– Removal of outgrown lashes as usual with tweezers

– Good for allergy customers 


Lightning fast, extreme retention

Curing within 1–2 seconds – extreme retention that no classic lash glue will ever achieve. No residual fumes after the curing process. Lasts until the natural lashes fall out.

✅ Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY to the lashes

✅ No 48h rule anymore

✅ No bonder or sealer needed anymore

✅ almost no fumes at all


How to use?

  1. Dip into the glue
  2. Put on the natural lash
  3. Trigger UV light
  4. Wait 1-2 sec.
  5. You can directly start with the next lash – without accidentally sticking them together.
  6. Don't let the light shine directly on your open eyes


A glue that solves all your problems.

Up to 80% success rate with allergy customers

Humidity no longer plays a role

Temperature no longer plays a role

Seasons no longer play a role


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    Beamlight Uv Lash Glue 5ml
    Beamlight Uv Lash Glue 5ml
    Beamlight Uv Lash Glue 5ml
    Beamlight Uv Lash Glue 5ml

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