2022 Top Quality 3D Mink Luxury Lashes OwnWholesale

2022 Top Quality 3D Mink Luxury Lashes

2022 top quality 3d mink lashes,you need wholesale lash vendor

9-16mm Wispy Styles

available 18+ times

Handmade mink hair,MOQ 50  Per style

3d mink lashes3d mink lashes3d mink lashes3d mink lashes

3d mink lashes3d mink lashes

Ow Lashes is a professional eyelash manufacturer of mink strip lashes and wholesale lash vendors from China. Wholesale eyelashes of 8-16mm wholesale mink lashes is also an important part of our mink strip lashes. 16mm wholesale mink lashes are 15-16mm in length, which will look very natural when wearing them. Besides, each pair are made of black cotton band to make sure the comfort and softness. 10-16mm wholesale mink lashes are very suitable for daily life. 


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3d mink lashes3d mink lashes

3d mink lashes3d mink lashes

mink eyelashesmink lashes

We do 100% handmade over 200+ styles 3d mink strip lashes,including 25mm lashes, 20mm wholesale mink lashes and 8-16mm mink strip lashes.If you are looking for best eyelash vendors,we are definitely your best choice for wholesale mink lashes. OW Lashes, as a reliable eyelash manufacturer, aims to provide flexible, fluffy, high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable mink strip lashes for customer worldwide.Besides,we keep researching and developing new styles of 16mm mink lashes, 20mm wholesale lashes and 25mm mink lashes to meet various requirements of customers.


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