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Led Cloud Floor Lamp For Lashes Tattoo Beauty

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Colors – Gold

If you're tired of the usual eyelash lights, then the new cloud floor lamps will definitely brighten up your salon!

 You may be focused on making sure you have elements such as lash kits, cleaners, primers, and all the safety equipment you need to conduct business. But don't forget about lighting!

Lighting is very important in the lash industry, and for good reason. Sure, it will make your work environment easier, but that's not all. Good lash lighting can also improve your skills, produce better results, and can also help your portfolio photos look more impressive.

Product Description


Voltage  110V-220V
Weight 7kg
Control Mode
Touch screen
Power supply
Aluminum Alloy
Color Temperature
old-neutral-warm (regulated)


Thanks to the cloud head, the light emitted by the lamp does not cause shadows. Perfectly illuminates the work area, does not generate excessive heat, does not adversely affect the operation of glue and other preparations used during the treatment.

It will be perfect not only during the procedure, but also allows you to take perfectly lit photos of your work. Stepless adjustment of the light power in the range of 0-100% and the ability to adjust the color of light from warm, through neutral, to cold (in the range of 2700-5600K), will allow you to adjust the light individually to the environment and your current preferences.

The height of the lamp can be freely adjusted in the range from 93 cm to 173 cm. In addition, the lamp head is movable, you can effortlessly rotate it 360º. A solid mounting means that the lamp will not turn accidentally during the procedure. Thus, slightly more force should be used to rotate the lamp.

Installation instructions:

  1. Slide the power cord into the tripod tube and remove it from the base of the stand.
  2. Combine the tripod and lamp: release the locking knob and take out the inner tube, then connect it to the lamp head and tighten the locking knob.
  3. Fold the base: put the power cord into the large hole on the base. Attach the tripod tube to the base with 3 screws.
  4. Connect the cable to the power adapter, and then plug it into a power source.

Instructions for use:

Power control: The power can be increased step by step from 1% to 100% by turning the power button clockwise. Decreasing counterclockwise.

Light color adjustment: the color can be adjusted from 2700K to 5600K, gradually increasing clockwise, decreasing counterclockwise.


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